Four Phases Of Care

  1. Acute or Relief phase
  2. Sub-acute or Corrective phase
  3. Strengthening phase
  4. Maintenance or Supportive phase

First Initial Visit

  • Completing all necessary forms. ie. Patient information, consent forms

  • Patient history, where the Doctor asks specific questions concerning your case

  • Extensive thorough Physical, Orthopaedic, Neurological and Postural exams

  • Recommendations for other tests if needed. (ie. X-rays, lab tests, MRI)

  • If your case is accepted then treatment may begin on same day if appropriate

  • If your case is not accepted then referrals to the proper health professional will be made immediately

Subsequent Visit

  • Report of Findings, informing the patient of their diagnosis or problem and the proposed treatment plan

  • Treatment will continue as indicated by the proposed treatment plan and will be modified if necessary

  • You will be given specific home care instructions on exercise, nutrition and lifestyle changes so that your body can have optimal environment for healing

  • You will be re-evaluated after 12 visits with a Comparative Exam to determine the status of your condition and if any changes are needed to the treatment plan

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